Monthly Archives: November 2013


It’s been AGES since I last blogged but real life started to take priority. Work was busy, I started hanging out more with friends and I went home for a week. But now I am off sick (took a lieu day to be sick as I’m that dedicated) and threatening to make voodoo dolls in the image of the washing machine repair men. So, I thought I’d do what I do best, and rant!

I’m not sure if it is the fact I am female or the fact that 90% of people in Kuwait have zero common sense that means I regularly invite a washing machine repair man over to ignore me for half an hour, let him turn the machine on and off and then pronounce there is nothing wrong with it.

The damn thing has never worked. It likes to spend the last ten minutes of the cycle emptying water on to my kitchen floor. Thankfully there is a drain in the centre of said floor and so if I put the machine on first thing in the morning the water has gone by the time I return at 6pm.

Still, it’s inconvenient and so I wanted Xcite, the store I bought it from, to fix it.

The first time I explained, with many hand gestures that the water comes from the back on draining. He kept smiling and nodding and tightened the drawer. I explained that it could not be from the drawer as the leak occurred on draining and not when the detergent was flushed from the drawer. Also, the leak was from the back centre and not the front top left. No, he was adamant that it was the drawer. What do I know, I’m a woman?

So, I set it up again and sure enough, watched water seep from under the machine to cover the kitchen floor. The drawer area remained bone dry.

So I called him back, and took pictures of the water so he could see direction of flow.

He’s turned up again today, with another man. And a tool box. They might actually stand a chance this time. I explain again that water flows from the back. I show them the picture. I explain that it happens during the last 10 minutes of the cycle. So, they turn it on, stare at it for 10 minutes, see no water and decide they know what the problem is. The machine needs tilting. So, they proceed to tilt the machine so that the front is raised. Forgive me as I only got a B in GCSE physics but if water pours from the back, surely tilting it in that direction enables more water to flow?

I then got asked if I was using the correct detergent. I produced Ariel liquid tabs from the cupboard and handed them over. The gazed in wonderment as they turned each one over in their hands like rare jewels and read the box. Yes, these are suitable for automatic machines.

So the washing machine is doing its stuff right now and I’m on leak watch. The man wasn’t interested in my physics lesson or my insistence that they actually pull the washing machine out and look at the back of it. So, you can understand why I have little faith in either of them.