The Ambassador isn’t spoiling us

There are changes afoot at the British Embassy in Kuwait and it’s making the expats restless.

To us British expats the embassy is a small piece of home. There’s a beautiful garden (how I miss grass) parties involving dancing (forbidden in Kuwait) and alcohol (also forbidden) yet the weather is always good! I’ve been to balls, discos, ceilidhs and concerts at the embassy in the past 16 months and enjoyed every single one. You may be stuck with a nine drink limit but that’s enough when you no longer sink a bottle of wine with dinner and have the tolerance of a 16 year old again.

So, you can imagine the uproar when it came out that the current Ambassador was leaving and the new guy has vetoed fun. He has children apparently, so doesn’t want drunken expats having fun in his back garden. So far I know of one charity ball that has been cancelled and there will be no more concerts. Ever. The Irish Society have also been told their booking is cancelled.

Having several hundred expats dancing in your back yard may not be your idea of fun however pissing off your fellow countrymen is no way to make friends.

No more will I dine in the gardens sipping a cold glass of Jacob’s Creek before dancing the night away on a makeshift dancefloor. FlyDubai better have some good deals coming up because the embassy was about the only good thing Kuwait had going for it.


One thought on “The Ambassador isn’t spoiling us

  1. nuttycow says:

    That sucks – I wonder why the ambassador’s being so prickly. I kind of understand that it must be frustrating to have endless parties but that doesn’t mean you ban all of them! You’ll have to come to Switzerland to party!

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